Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel

The fire alarm control unit formerly called the fire alarm control panel, contains the electronics that supervise and monitor the integrity of the wiring and components of the fire alarm system. The fire alarm control panel basically serves as the brain for the alarm system. It receives signals from alarm-initiating devices, processes the signals, and produces output signals that activate audible and visual appliances.

The fire alarm control panel also transmits signals to an off-site monitoring station when provided. Power and fire alarm circuits are connected directly into this panel. In addition, the remote auxiliary fire control units and notification appliance panels are considered to be part of the fire alarm system and are connected and controlled.

Controls for the system are located in the fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm control panel can also perform other functions, such as:

  • Providing two-way firefighter communication
  • Providing remote annunciator integration
  • Controlling elevators, HVAC, fire doors, dampers, locks, or other fire protection features

The FACU can also provide public address messages and mass notifications alerts through prerecorded evacuation messages or independent voice communications.

NOTE: Some fire alarm control units are designed for both security and fire protection. In these types of systems, fire protection is engineered into the system to assume the highest priority.

Fire Alarm Control Panel

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